Week 13th-17th March

Reading Comprehension-Surprising facts about vultures

Listening Comprehension-Pink-footed geese

Week 20th-24th March

Reading Comprehension-A new theory of distraction

Listening Comprehension-The language of fear

Week 27th-31st March

Reading Comprehension-Can video games fend off mental decline?

Listening Comprehension-London News

Week 3rd-7th April

Reading Comprehension-This week's films on TV

Listening Comprehension-Cider

Week 17th-21st April

Reading Comprehension-Hotel Review

Listening Comprehension-Business Strategies

Week 24th-28th April

Reading Comprehension-A Giraffe has been killed-Why the fuss?

Listening Comprehension-Page 3 Girls

(There are three tasks, listen only to the first one).

Week 2nd-5th May

Reading Comprehension-Extinction of large animals

Listening Comprehension-Mini Car

(It is the same audio as last week's but it is the second track the one you have to listen to-MINI CAR).

Week 8th-12th May

Reading Comprehension-The Hollande Affair

Listening Comprehension-Pong-Story of a video game

(Both the Reading and the Listening worksheets).

(It is the same audio as the previous two weeks but it is the third track the one you have to listen to-

Week 15th-19th May

Reading Comprehension-Bringing women to the forefront of science and medicine

Listening Comprehension-How coffee influenced the course of history

Week 22nd-26th May

Reading Comprehension-Social Mobility Seems Like an Impossible Dream

Listening Comprehension-Life After Murder

Week 29TH-2ND May

Reading Comprehension-Living in Australia

Listening Comprehension-BBC World News