1ST TERM (2017-2018)

Week 18th-22nd September

Reading Comprehension-P.D.JAMES

Listening Comprehension-STELLA PRIME-MOUNTAINEER

Week 25th-29th September

Reading Comprehension-The Importance of Foreign Languages

Listening Comprehension-Time Out

Week 2nd-6th October

Reading Comprehension-Learning how to learn

Listening Comprehension-People Talking about Work

Week 9th-13th October

Reading Comprehension-Secretaries

Listening Comprehension-3 Extracts

Week 16th-20th October

Reading Comprehension-Chickpea Soup

Listening Comprehension-The Omelette

Week 23rd-27th October

Reading Comprehension-How to stay fit, happy and healthy

Listening Comprehension-Heatlh News

Week 30th October-3rd November

Reading Comprehension-Strengthening your loving relationships

Listening Comprehension-Happiness

Week 6th-10th November

Reading Comprehension-Ritual

Listening Comprehension-Today's News

Week 13th-17th November

Reading Comprehension-Inspector Crumb investigates

Listening Comprehension-Cyber Crime Growing Global Threat

Week 20th-24th November

Reading Comprehension-Women in Morocco are losing ground to tradition, prejudice and male greed

Listening Comprehension-Elimination of Violence against Women-25th November

Week 4th-8th December

Reading Comprehension-Bringing Women to the Forefront

Listening Comprehension-Life after Murder

2ND TERM (2017-2018)

Week 8th-12th January

Reading Comprehension-Why read books?

Listening Comprehension-How coffee influenced the course of history

Week 15th-19th January

Reading Comprehension-A giraffe has been killed

Listening Comprehension-Cider

Week 22nd-26th January

Reading Comprehension-Egypt Travel Guide

Listening Comprehension-Gold Standard in Customer Service-Virgin American Airline

Week 29th January-2nd February

Reading Comprehension-Universal Wet Weekend

Listening Comprehension-Making Mosaics

Week 5th-9th February

Reading Comprehension-Holidays in South Carolina

Listening Comprehension-Skydiving

Week 12th-16th February

Reading Comprehension-Origins of Valentine's Day

Listening Comprehension-The Film Industry

Week 19th-23rd February

Reading Comprehension-Holidays

Listening Comprehension-Gardening Experts

Week 5th-9th March

Reading Comprehension-8th March International Women's Day

Listening Comprehension-We're Equals

Week 19th-23rd March

Reading Comprehension-Surprising facts about vultures

Listening Comprehension-Pink-footed geese

3RD TERM (2017-2018)

Week 2nd-6th April

Reading Comprehension-A new theory of distraction

Listening Comprehension-The language of fear

Week 9th-13th April

Reading Comprehension-Can video games fend off mental decline?

Listening Comprehension-London News

Week 16th-20th April

Reading Comprehension-Hotel Review

Listening Comprehension-Business Strategies

Week 23rd-27th April

Reading Comprehension-Chewing Gum Culture

Listening Comprehension-5 People Talking about Weekend Activities

Week 2nd-4th May

Reading Comprehension-An Awfully Big Adventure

Listening Comprehension-Audio Books

Week 7th-11th May

Reading Comprehension-Plugging in the home

Listening Comprehension-The Importance of Eating Breakfast

Week 14th-18th May

Reading Comprehension-Organising Local Events

Listening Comprehension-Starting a Business

Week 21st-25th May

Reading Comprehension-Is Your Office Working OK?

Listening Comprehension-CD1-Test 2-Part 1-Paper 4-3 Extracts

Week 28th May-1st June

Reading Comprehension-Decision Making

Listening Comprehension-Three Extracts-Test 3-Paper 4-Part 1