Week 13th-17th March

Reading Comprehension-Surprising facts about vultures

Listening Comprehension-Pink-footed geese

Week 20th-24th March

Reading Comprehension-A new theory of distraction

Listening Comprehension-The language of fear

Week 27th-31st March

Reading Comprehension-Can video games fend off mental decline?

Listening Comprehension-London News

Week 3rd-7th April

Reading Comprehension-This week's films on TV

Listening Comprehension-Cider

Week 17th-21st April

Reading Comprehension-Hotel Review

Listening Comprehension-Business Strategies

Week 24th-28th April

Reading Comprehension-A Giraffe has been killed-Why the fuss?

Listening Comprehension-Page 3 Girls

(There are three tasks, listen only to the first one).